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Does a Copywriter Need to Blog?

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“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” 

By Henry Ford      

How often does hesitation prevent you from taking steps forward? If it’s a common practice, then it’s high time to change your attitudes towards decision-making! By the way, the quote by Henri Ford is mentioned here not by accident and you do understand why, right? The key point is as follows: once you become highly determined to achieve a goal, you will find the way to succeed, but if you deny any possibility of reaching it, you will simply stay where you are now.

Why To Get Involved?

So, you are on the point of launching your own blog, but still can’t make out why a great many people are so willing to join blogging community? The answers may vary depending on the copywriter’s expertise and the outcome he/she would like to get. Generally, the reasons in favour of blogging may fall under three groups: “commercial”, “non-commercial” and the mixture of both of them.

To be more precise, “commercial” reasons imply getting a profit in a wide variety of ways, particularly, by means of:

  • self-promotion due to high-quality content you present to your audience;
  • promote your other businesses by means of blog without plagiarized content;
  • having ads/banners placed on your blog;
  • creating your personal portfolio to be presented to your potential employers;
  • establishing long-term contacts with the experts in the area you are interested in;
  • scrambling up the web search rankings to make your blog a rather prestigious place to show up, etc.

Whereas “non-commercial” ones embrace all of your “non-for-profit intentions”, namely:

  • sharing experiences absolutely for free;
  • upgrading your fast writing skills by blogging on a regular basis;
  • posting your life-time events;
  • being on friendly terms with your readers by timely responding to their comments;
  • starting a blog, trying out your writing skills and quitting whenever you feel like doing it, etc.

Well, if any of the reasons mentioned above suits you, why not get involved then?

Isn’t Blogging A Tough Job?

Yep. That’s for sure. Everybody is aware that starting a blog proves to be hard and time-consuming indeed. However you shouldn’t be too pessimistic about the matter, since you can lose something that may turn to be crucial for your progress as a copywriter. Whenever you become disappointed or  unwilling to keep on going, remember these words:

It’s going to take longer than you think. Longer than you think to build a readership, to gain credibility, to find your voice. But if you “do the work,” stick to it, write with integrity, and always think of the reader’s needs first, you’ll create great things.” by Tyler Tervooren [2]

Any Useful Prompts For Newbies?

Think of what you are good at or would like to be and devote your posts to this particular niche. It would be better, of course, if it didn’t refer to the one being over-discussed or, on the contrary, not popular at all, since you take a risk to never stand out from a crowd (provided you don’t aim at distinguishing yourself).

Master the golden rules for creating plagiarism-free, smart and entertaining content with clear, easy-to-read structure, catchy phrases and vivid narrative. What is even more important here is to learn how to break these rules successfully depending on your readers feedback towards your posts. The next step is to work out your own set of rules adopted right up to your audience’s tastes.

Whatever you decide to come up with, it’s advisable to outline no more than one key point at a time, not distracting readers’ attention to a lot of details. This way you will sound more persuasive.

Learn to evaluate the things that you write from the point of view of your reader. It’s worth mentioning that:

“readers will do anything for someone who:

  • Encourages their dreams
  • Justifies their failures
  • Allays their fears
  • Confirms their suspicions
  • Helps them throw rocks at their enemies” [3]

Be active in writing new posts, replying to your readers’ comments, thanking in answer to their “thanks”, visiting and commenting on other bloggers’ sites, sharing their posts and asking them to do the same with yours!

Looking For Alternatives To Show What You Are Made Of?

Should you have any concerns about becoming a blogger, try your hand at public speaking, initiating online workshops, developing your social media accounts by posting the sort of things you initially wanted to place on your blog. Don’t feel like speaking/writing much? Then how about micro-blogging with Tumblr? Need more freedom and privacy? Set up your personal live journal and dwell on the most significant for you topics.

So, whenever you are in doubt to take up a new activity, draw up a shortlist enumerating all advantages and disadvantages it may bring along and be positively minded whatever your decision will be!

P.S.: Do you think copywriters owning their personal blogs succeed more than those who don’t? Have you already launched a blog? What obstacles did you have to overcome?

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