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Hey, Copywriter, You Need To Be More Competitive!

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Just remembered an interview taken from a rather famous restaurateur. One of the questions he had to answer was as follows: “There are so many restaurants in the city offering different type of cuisine, surprising their visitors by unusual interior and exterior design… Is there any reason to open another one?” Guess what followed in response! The answer was absolutely positive: “Yes, it’s worth it!”

The same is true about copywriting, isn’t it? No matter how many copywriters already exist, you always have a chance “to stand out from a crowd”. 

Thus, what are the clues able to boost your ranking in copywriting? Let’s have a look.

What Is A Competitive Copywriter Like?

It goes without saying, that up-and-coming copywriters are supposed to be literate and competent enough to deliver tasks properly. But what you also need to pay close attention to is meeting deadlines and present a high quality work. As a rule, no matter how many times you coped with the tasks successfully, once you fail to do it, you may shatter clients’ confidence or even lose it at all.

While keeping up with set deadlines, it’s important to never let in plagiarism into your works. It will definitely cause troubles not only to you, but to your clients as well. Besides, the consequences may lead to financial losses too. That’s why you’d better think twice before turning to “easy-way-income”.

Obviously, not to get into an awkward situation, you need to choose the niche, which interests you a lot or which is very close to your professional background, otherwise your works may sound a bit shallow/without any deep insights or good examples. 

Anticipate Your Clients’ Wishes 

No matter how experienced you are it’s really necessary to focus on your clients’ needs and do everything possible to go further beyond their expectations. It doesn’t mean however, that you have to underestimate your value as a copywriter and set too low prices or agree to do a very tough job within unrealistic time-limits, etc. Too much of a good thing is good for nothing, that’s for sure! 

Instead you’d better pay attention to what your clients need and try to anticipate their wishes by suggesting something that could help them develop their businesses. For example, if you happen to know that your client is going to come up with, let’s say, a new useful mobile app, why not offer to write a kind of an eye-catching press release about that? Providing your existing or potential clients with such sensible solutions may become well-rewarding. Besides, it will always sound more efficiently in contrast to such repeated questions as: “What could I help you with?” or “Do you have any new tasks for me?”. 

By brainstorming what might be of great help to your clients, you present yourself as an extremely client-oriented specialist. It will add on minimum 100 credibility points to your karma and enable you to get more new orders as well. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t spam your existing or potential clients with this kind of messages, only in the cases when it’s really appropriate.

As You Make Your Bed, So You Will Sleep 

All the features mentioned above constitute the core of competitive copywriting.  As for some extra tips, that could assist you to progress, have a look at the prompts described below:

  • firstly, it’s necessary to find an everlasting brain charger for generating new ideas. These type of activities may include: reading success stories; monitoring the latest news concerning both your professional sphere and the sphere of business you mostly write for; getting inspired by the things you love to do, etc.; 
  • secondly, to know what direction you need to develop, you can look through vacancies and see what new job requirements appeared in them. When finding out what exactly you are lacking, make use of numerous webinars, seminars, lectures to update your knowledge; join in some of the most popular communities for copywriters and actively participate in their life; keep an eye on your competitors by tracing what new techniques they apply to grab readers’ attention, etc.;
  • finally, when achieving success, you’d better not relax for too long, since somebody will certainly take your place in this competition racing. To come down to earth in time, ask your friends, acquaintances or some other independent experts you trust, to evaluate your works and say what is missing in them, etc.

Well, hope you’ve found the post useful and from now on you are even more ready to discover “a better place under the Sun”!

P.S.: Comments are highly appreciated! 

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