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How To Be On The Safe Side: Prompts For Copywriters

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Once upon a time there was a copywriter. He had loads of work to do within very limited time-frames. One day he decided to make his life easier and master copy-paste magic. He used to steal ideas and statements from his colleagues and kept it a secret. The more he stole, the more difficult it seemed to get rid of the habit. He started to write much faster and grew in popularity with every passing day… until somebody caught him plagiarizing. 

The copywriter was told about the law on intellectual property rights (IP rights) and the consequences for those, who totally ignore it. He was embarrassed. From that time on, the copywriter decided not to make the same sort of mistakes. To improve his writing skills, he drew up a shortlist of helpful prompts and set about restoring his reputation. Well, here is the shortlist he agreed to share:

Find Out More – Be Afraid Less

To know how to cope with plagiarism problem, it’s essential to understand what plagiarism means and what its types are. When learning about accidental and intentional plagiarism, self-plagiarism shouldn’t be left out too. It stipulates using one’s own works and may be considered as something completely harmless. Though there are cases denying this myth, e.g. a famous journalist of The New Yorker, Jonah Lehrer, appeared to be among those accused of self-plagiarism. Despite of his good reputation and significant experience, he had to resign, says the website. So, let’s not forget about self-plagiarism consequences. You won’t be imprisoned, however your reputation is likely to take a knock.

What Are the Risks

  • The moment you realize plagiarism border-line is crossed, you lose credibility of your readers. Which may result in the amount of orders you will get in the future or actually in their absence. There are lots of tools enabling plagiarism detection, that’s why you’d better not cheat at all.
  • No matter how minor plagiarism is, it is considered to be illegal. In most cases, when accused of plagiarism, you will have to pay fines. Besides, The Criminal Copyright Law in the United States stipulates monetary penalty of about $ 1 million and up to 10 years of imprisonment in case of repeated offenses (according to The latter is not very widespread though, unless somebody violates your copyright to get considerable income. Remember, that the amount of fines varies dramatically, e.g. a lawsuit against Avatar creators may result in $50 million fine if the Avatar planet design is proved to be stolen from Mr. W. R. Dean, an album cover artist.
  • Being caught plagiarizing means to get ready for penalties from your boss, disrespect of your colleagues or even dismissal. This is one more reason “not to become evil”.

Let’s Cite Properly

Whenever you need to use some sources for creating your texts, please, do cite them all. It refers to citing words, statements, ideas, etc. If you share author’s opinion, than it’s necessary to think what way you would explain the same sort of things, using your natural style of writing.

Plagiarism Detector Will Save You

As it was mentioned before, there is a great number of tools assisting to detect plagiarism. One of the most effective is plagiarism checker, enabling you to verify the content you design to find out all the truth about the sources used. It’s the easiest and the most efficient way helping you to save time and money.

P.S.: plagiarism is not defined as a crime in all of the countries, instead it may be referred to as copyright violation.

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