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Interview With A Famous Blogger: Life Hack Tricks

Since plagiarism has become a pervasive problem for bloggers, writers, journalists and other representatives of related professions more and more people began to use online services or software tools to get protected against plagiarism. CPC team is working hard to help people cope with this problem as quickly as possible.

We’ve launched our blog with the main aim: to publish interesting articles that will help our readers learn a lot about famous, successful bloggers, new methods of combating plagiarism, copywriting tips, etc.

Few days ago we decided to share with you even more useful and interesting news by interviewing some of the most famous bloggers. Here you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions from the world of copywriting, plagiarism confrontation, etc  provided by popular bloggers, SEO gurus, successful copywriters, website owners and other professionals in the IT field.

So today we are glad to present you Harsh Agarwal, a well-known blogger, who runs - one of the best resources about blogging and – professional blogging course.

interview HA

So, here we go:

CPC team: Whom would you advise to become a blogger?

Harsh: Everyone should blog, as blogging is first expressing your views in the form of texts or videos. One doesn’t have to blog for income or for generating business, one can simply blog because they have something to say and the Internet is the place where your voice can reach everywhere. What you need to become a blogger is a passion for writing and openness with your thoughts. Once you have it, you can start a free blog on or If you are someone who like to be more professional or more advanced, you should create your blog on self hosted WordPress, which powers 20% of the websites in the world.The best part of WordPress is it’s free. Anyone can take advantage of this free resource to learn and master WordPress.

CPC team: Why did you decide to join a blogging community?

Harsh: I started writing on my blog because I love writing. I started sharing information about Tech how to’s with my first blog, and later on I started sharing my journey and learning as a blogger on ShoutMeLoud. It’s amazing when readers comment saying that this article helped them and they learned something new or solved a problem.

CPC team: Being very successful, do you still have any blogging idol you would like to pattern after? Who is this person and why he/she means so much for you?

Harsh: I follow the lead of many bloggers, entrepreneurs and individuals. It’s really hard to choose the one I’m most fond of, since I like something about one person and something else about all the others. I can’t think of any particular name because I will end up missing out names of those who taught me something really important about blogging.

CPC team: Having a lot of experience in blogging, what do you consider to be your greatest achievement? Why?

Harsh: My biggest achievement is when one of the Shouters (ShoutMeLoud readers) mails me to say thanks. I have received emails from my readers who said they began to earn more money after reading my blog. What could be better achievement than earning someone’s blessings! You can see some of the kind words from my readers over here.

CPC team: What are the main must-follow tactics you could advise to stick to for those who are already involved into blogging?

Harsh: Here are quick tips:

  • Focus on quality over quantity.
  • Learn SEO and social media marketing.
  • Learn about various social media tools, which will help you to manage your social media account effectively. For example Bufferapp, PostPlanner, Hootsuite to name a few.
  • Read every day and stay updated with the latest news in your niche. This will help you to add more value in your articles.
  • Use social media to build connection rather than just promotion.
  • Build an Email list from day one. If you have a generic site you can use Feedburner and if you are into niche blogging or business blogging use pro tool such as Aweber.

CPC team: What are the key difficulties you have to face in your work? Could you share your recipe of avoiding them?

Harsh: Time-management and distraction are two major difficulties, which I find to be at the top of the list. Here are few things which I do daily to minimise them:

  • Create tomorrow To-do list today before going to bed. I use Wunderlist to manage my list. Trello is a great alternative option.
  • One task at a time: Focus on one task at a time and that means no more than 2-3 tabs and those, which should be related to work; I don’t check Email or Social-media site when working on something. Earlier I used to have 10-15 tabs open on my browser but now I have only 2 or max 3. Moreover, I have also disabled Push notification on my Phone to keep myself focused on work only.

Another thing, which most of the working-from-home bloggers would face is tech challenges with their blogs. Updating plugins, changing or editing themes and few others. I suggest hiring people online to get this work done for you and focus on what you are best at, i.e: writing.

interview with a famous blogger

CPC team: Have you ever faced a plagiarism problem in blogging? What exactly was it? How did you manage to find a necessary solution to solve the problem?

Harsh: I hardly ever bothered about Plagiarism in the initial days of blogging but after Panda update two of my sites got affected due to others copying my content. Google could not determine which content was original and I ended up paying the price.

There is no perfect solution to plagiarism so far, as people always find a way to copy the content and paste it on their blogs. By the end of the day process remains the same: find the webpages where your content is copied and report them to Google DMCA or Webhosting DMCA.

Well I do few things to prevent Plagiarism:

  • Partial feed:I offer partial feed so that people who copy content using RSS feed won’t be able to copy an entire post.
  • Add Link back in RSS feed:RSS footer is a good plugin, which adds a link back to original article in the feed. This way Google will know which content is original.
  • TYNT script:This is another free solution, which is valuable for everybody’s website SEO. Once TYNT script is installed and activated, if someone copied a part of your content or even entire content, it adds a link back.

CPC team: What would you recommend blogging rookies to do first to achieve success in the future?

Harsh: Blog with your own voice and style. Keep learning new things from others and improvise to create something better. Consistency and quality will take you to the place.

Treat your blog as a person and let the blog of your personality shine with the help of good design, logo and social media presence. Your blog is just a body and you are the voice and supervisor of your blog.

Stay in touch with us to learn more life hack tricks from interviews!

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