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Is Plagiarism Checker A Jack Of All Trades?

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“Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, 

you will never grow.” 

By Ralph Waldo Emerson


Since you’ve made up your mind to read this post, you are likely to be aware of plagiarism problem and the way it harms both plagiarists and their victims entailing administrative, monetary or disciplinary penalties. No wonder, that currently you must be looking for some more effective tools to protect you. 

When in doubt what to choose, one of the most frequent solutions is to ask for somebody’s advice. But what if a person you address has never tried the thing you are interested in… Will his or her answer be the one to rely on? The best solution is to grab at the opportunity the moment it appears. If you decide to let it go, you’ll simply give another chance for somebody to take the lead. 

What to choose?

Congrats! You’ve finally agreed to try a plagiarism detector out! The main point now is to find a worthy one. To do it right, you should understand clearly what you are going to use it for. Since there are plagiarism checkers able to spot out not only plagiarized content, but also to focus on grammar and spelling mistakes as well as to verify urls or entire web pages.

Everything may be as contradictory as a double-edged sword, though. The same is true about plagiarism detection engines. 

Let’s have a look.

Suggestion 1. Free Online Plagiarism Checkers

These tools will enable you to run fast and easy checks absolutely for free. Besides, free online plagiarism checkers don’t require any registration, as a rule. However not all of them are safe. It means, that they do not prevent your uploaded works from being stolen. Complaining about this problem is useless, since nobody provided you with a security guarantee. 

In addition, the checkers seldom support all of the most frequently used file formats and often use rather simple algorithms of work by comparing a text against open-access resources only. And it isn’t enough sometimes. 

Another drawback that may undermine your confidence is that the checkers of the kind rarely operate for too long. Thus, it makes sense to apply them only in case you need to check something not as precious as your term paper, for instance. 

Suggestion 2. Paid Online Plagiarism Detectors

Why to pay for the things, which you can get free of charge? This question does sound logically. But taking into account the disadvantages mentioned above, you’ll hardly ever take the risk of exposing your works to the cheaters. The efficient paid tools are much more concerned about your safety by imposing proper access restrictions. It means, that only the author is entitled to make use of his or her uploaded works. 

Safety is not the only feature available, of course. The options you may find helpful are as follows:

  • precise checks for plagiarism due to:
  • comparing uploaded texts/web pages/urls against available private and public resources database;
  • detailed analysis of the content based on multi-layer algorithm system;
  • percentage of similarities;
  • plagiarism reports which are saved after each verification is complete and may be sent straight to your email address;
  • plagiarized areas are highlighted;
  • possibility to upload the most popular file formats;

To understand whether to apply the checker or not, you’d better find the one able to provide you with free trials. It will prevent you from extra expenses and help you find out what exactly you need.

Suggestion 3. Plagiarism Detection Software

Plagiarism detection software is quite flexible. That’s why it may be easily adapted to the needs of students, professors, copywriters, web site owners, etc. The main thing is to define what options you would like to include into the software and inform about it your service provider. However, not all the providers may offer to design the tool you need by suggesting already worked out programs to buy.

Well, hope you find what you’re looking for!

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