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What Is Special About Time-Management in Copywriting?

CR Blog_Article 15_What Is Special About Time-Management in Copywriting?

Have you ever noticed that some of your friends or acquaintances not being bound with every day work routines look much busier than you do? Does it happen only because they do have so many tasks to cope with every single day? Or it’s just an illusion?

In reality, these people quite often tend to jump from one activity to another thinking that the more stuffed their daily schedule is the more they will succeed to accomplish. But things seem to be a lot different. When having no clear understanding what your final goal is and distracting your attention by multitasking, you will hardly ever carry through something properly.

When it comes to copywriting, the same sort of things happens. That’s why “arranging your time-table” question still remains of interest for many copywriters. So, what could help organize your working hours efficiently? Let’s brainstorm a bit.

Keep Calm And Chaos Will Never Seize You

Probably, the first hint worth mentioning, it’s avoiding chaos. As it was said above, it doesn’t bring any good to both your productivity and reputation. That’s why before switching to some new activities, just ask yourself “What’s the purpose of it?” and “How much will it take me to complete it?”.

What You Need Is Plan!

When starting to work on a new copy, why not make use of the following plan of action to identify how much time you will need to get the things done:

  • defining desired results;
  • steps to be taken to reach a goal;
  • research to be carried out.

Though the plan is very simple, it may assist you a great deal at the initial stage of work. It will constitute a kind of a price list, which will outline time to be spent instead of prices.

Should You Guess What Your Clients Want?

Actually, it’s not a problem for you provided you are an experienced fortune-teller… But as a matter of fact, receiving loads of completely contradictory instructions as for the way a copy should be done, may distract and even annoy much more than multitasking. Thus, “a ready-made questionnaire” could serve you as a good tool, simplifying not only your work as a copywriter, but also contributing greatly to clients’ accuracy in setting a task.

Well, it may be as follows:

  • type, form and style of a copy;
  • key words/phrases to be mentioned;
  • key aspects to be outlined;
  • length;
  • deadlines, etc.

Besides, having such questionnaire completed by a client, you may always make references to it, whenever a dispute regarding the work done arises.

Get FAQs List Ready 

Have you ever caught yourself thinking that you always need to answer the same sort of questions? If it is so, then FAQs list is sure to grant you extra time! The only thing a copywriter should do is to update the list in accordance with the new inquiries received from clients.

How Can Templates Help?

Whenever you begin working on a project, you actually go through the similar algorithm of action, don’t you? It means that a template including all necessary points for a task to be well prepared may also save much time. Besides, it will prevent you from missing out something really important. There are a lot of suggestions as for the way this structure should be like, for example:

  • dwelling on a topic;
  • making research;
  • thinking of an eye-catching headline;
  • adding on essential details;
  • choosing vocabulary/idioms/proverbs/sayings/slogans to be used;
  • proof-reading;
  • reporting about the work done.

Moreover, appropriate templates may assist you with drafting equal type of tasks and even emailing to your clients! Isn’t it a miracle?!

Too Complicated? Divide It Into Parts!

If you aren’t pressed for time, but the work you need to do is rather complex and time-consuming, why not divide it into several stages and devote to it at least 30 minutes of your time each day? Thus, you won’t feel too overloaded and get down to work with more energy and enthusiasm!

What May Organize Copywriters’ Working Day?

Obviously, these are time organizers, which are growing in number constantly. So, it’s up to you what to choose and apply daily. Among the most popular are such tools as EverNote, Errands To-Do List, Essential Pim, Outlook or other email reminders/alerts, mobile calendars allowing to schedule your time and remind of the tasks you are supposed to do, etc.

Apart from multiple apps/programs/devices, you shouldn’t forget to set realistic time-frames to fulfill your obligations, otherwise all these “taskers” will be completely useless.

It’s Time To Relax! 

It’s like in fitness, every time you make a lot of efforts to do a particular physical exercise, you need to take a little break to relax, so that each of your muscles could work effectively. The same is true about your working day. So, you should pay attention to taking the time for little breaks during your when planning your schedule.

If you are not that kind of guys looking for short breaks, try switch your attention to different type of activity, i.e. since copywriting is mental work, then take up some physical one instead!

Stay Motivated By Self-Rewarding!

This final prompt does value much. Since you need to get a kind of a super prize after the work is complete successfully. Reward yourself with a day-off, going out with friends, cycling, window-shopping, whatever. The most important thing is to feel satisfied and get inspired to take up something different or new with more energy.

So, may you become time-management master asap! Good luck!

P.S.: Do you have your own time-management techniques, which proved to be effective? Please, share!

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