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Warning! Plagiarism Is Punished Not Only By Law!

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 “It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it”

Benjamin Franklin 


Please, tell me, what are you ready for to win a competition or grant, earn a big profit or simply become as popular as the most famous celebrities? Suppose, that you will fall over yourself to succeed. Then should you be afraid only of the penalties and other legislative measures?

What If You Are A Student?

Let’s consider the sphere of education first. When a student, to be on cloud nine means to pass exams, tests, term papers, etc. the easiest and quickest way possible. Thousands of us are sure to remember numerous cases of plagiarism, which concerned both our group mates and us. If a person doesn’t know what might await him or her for being caught cheating or there is simply no strict control over it, there will certainly be countless violations.

Educational establishments may introduce so called “honor codes” for sweeping the precedents off, as it happened in Northumbria University once. Moreover, professors start setting up the unions to fight the plagiarism, - for example, ATL, The Association of Teachers and Lecturers, says

There is no need to remind you of the danger to be expelled once you become plagiarist. Why does it happen? No respected educational establishment wants to cast a shadow on its reputation, that’s why all eventual precautions are taken.

Watch Out! Your Colleagues Already Know…

What consequences do you risk facing if your employer gets to know that you plagiarize? First of all it’s disrespect on behalf of your boss and colleagues. Secondly, it’s administrative, disciplinary or monetary types of punishments. And thirdly, it’s dismissal and as an outcome inevitable difficulties with finding a new job. Here is an example:

Jon Flatland’s resignation last week for serial plagiarism was not the first time he’s lost a job for stealing other people’s work. Flatland was fired for plagiarism while serving as editor of the Cavalier County Republican in Langdon, N.D.” [4]

The Power of the Web Could Not Be Undone!

No doubt, that the Internet is a very powerful weapon. Should a negative feedback come up somewhere, you will be completely disregarded as a worthy professional shortly. Social media is just another additional threat in case your plagiarism is detected. Multiple feedbacks uncovering your plagiarism left by competent bloggers, journalists, writers, critics and so on, are sure to destroy your career perspectives and/or reputation completely. Let’s illustrate it:

It’s been a rough past couple of hours for Josh Linkner, whose Twitter profile describes as aNew York Times Bestselling Author and CEO of @DVPtweets on a mission to make the world more creative.” Why? A piece he published with Fast Company a few days ago, The Dirty Little Secret of Overnight Successes, started out by using the opening paragraphs of Chris Dixon’s March 16 blog post, The Myth of the Overnight Success, and did not attribute it to Chris in any way. The Twitterverse is aghast. [5]

Bad News Travels Fast

The power of rumours sometimes equals to that of the web, doesn’t it? The only thing you should do, is just to give some grounds for this. Public will do the rest.

So, once your reputation is ruined, it will be hard to restore it again. Therefore, every time you are tempted to cheat, think of all negative effects this cheating may bring along. 

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