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Who Else Is Eager to Create Unique Content?

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Every time you look for something on the Internet, you come up with a long list of web links found according to the search options you set. Personally me, never click more than three successive pages simply because I don’t want to do it or I’m short of time. So, what might help be the most “clickable” site, blog, etc? To be one step ahead of your competitors you need something really precious, something that will differ you from others. Without doubt, it’s unique content.

What principles should be counted for when creating such content?

To begin with, it’s supposed to be the content designed for readers, not for search engines. For instance, if you want to sell some exclusive goods in your shop the first thing you are supposed to do, it’s to get to know what your customers are like, what makes them special, what their expectations are. As a result, your shop will be located properly, both its exterior and interior will be much appreciated by visitors, and quality of goods will totally meet your clients’ demands. To do it right, just think as your client.

Secondly, it’s continuous investigation of your readers’ interests. The easiest way to cope with this task is to follow their comments, pages they liked or shared, things they recommend to read to their friends.

Thirdly, analyzing negative comments your readers leave both at your website and website of your competitors, and introduce respective changes into the content you design.

Finally, it’s interesting content itself. To make it catchy you need to stir your creative mind applying the most suitable tricks for you, e.g.:

  • following other copywriters or bloggers’ posts and comments in order to analyze what way you would express the same ideas or what changes you would prefer to introduce into their messages;
  • following the most recent news related to the field you write about and preparing a kind of reviews on the topics which are likely to attract more readers;
  • don’t be afraid of experiments by offering some provocative statements or questions to your readers’ attention, entertaining them with witty jokes or curious short stories. However, remember not to make the cup run over;
  • ask your readers about the things they would like to read and design proper content;
  • review the most popular social media pages with regard to your niche;
  • fill in your content with true-to-life information, examples, pieces of advice, avoiding too much abstract things, so that you could make your readers believe you, etc.

To summarize all mentioned above, creating unique content may turn to be not so difficult thanks to lots of existing tips for writers. The most important thing is to get to know your audience and identify what suits them the best.

P.S.: What tips would you advise to make your content special?

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