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Why Should We Trust Plagiarism Checkers?



“The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.”
Ernest Hemingway


What “Gave Birth” To Plagiarism Detectors?

Suggestion # 1. Well, it’s all because of the rapid Internet development, which resulted in accessibility of loads of information sources, isn’t it? Actually, yes! It’s absolutely true. Internet technologies started interfering into our lives long ago. Nowadays hardly anyone can imagine his or her everyday life without this valuable invention of the humanity.

Suggestion # 2. No wonder, that online education is growing in popularity. On the one hand, it allows to develop business within short period of time by attracting more and more online learners without any admission restrictions and save a great deal on human resources, plus other expenses, e.g. premises rent, library, computer facilities, etc. On the other hand, you have to be aware of such thing as plagiarism which may easily spoil your reputation, unless you take control over the quality of the works submitted by a huge number of online students.

Suggestion # 3. Hmm, what about distant and freelance types of work? Do they have anything to do with plagiarism? Certainly, and you probably know why. Due to high speed pace we are to keep up with, most of the work done by distant or freelance employees is difficult to estimate properly. Besides, plagiarism may be hidden as the outcome of partial borrowing of others’ ideas, translation from one language to the other and so on.

Suggestion # 4. Please, watch out! IP law (Intellectual Property law) never stops being amended! And it means that plagiarists’ life is getting tougher and tougher by imposing new restrictions and penalties either administrative or monetary.

Please, Meet Rescue Team!

Let’s have a look at possible solutions to fight plagiarism: fair writing technique, i.e. following citation rules, attributing to sources used; sticking to double check principles of work; finding credible information sources; outlining all thoughts in one’s own natural way; applying plagiarism detectors.

The question is how to define whether a plagiarism detection engine is the one to rely on. Being one of its frequent users, I can clearly define the checklist which I apply in order to find the best suitable service for me:

  • free test;
  • user-friendly interface;
  • high speed;
  • verification principles enabling word phrases checks;
  • clear report form containing references to all web sources possible as well as percentage of plagiarism;
  • possibility to download and check most commonly used document formats;
  • saving all previous verification results;
  • highlighted areas of texts, which were plagiarized;
  • possibility of getting 100% reimbursement;
  • available users’ feedbacks to read.

By the way, one of those plagiarism detection engines, which meets all of the above requirements is Why not give it a chance and figure out how it works in practice?

To cut a long story short, plagiarism checkers are worth trying and applying constantly. It’s just another tool aiming at making something complicated much simpler.

P.S.: Hopefully, you found it amusing and useful to read! Commentaries are highly appreciated.

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