How it works

Step 1

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The checking area where you submit your text. You can paste it or upload from file. Supported formats:

> txt (Standard Notepad format);

> doc (Standard Microsoft Office format);

> docx (Standard Microsoft office format);

> odt (Standard Open Office format).

The system automatically counts number of words and how many credits it will take to check text for plagiarism

Step 2

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The Review results page. All the reports are stored here. Information you can review on this page:

> all the reports of every text you have checked;

> level of similarity;

> time and date of every check ever performed.

Click on the one you are looking for to see the detailed results generated by text plagiarism checker

Step 3

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The detailed plagiarism report. Here you can review :

> level of similarity

> number of words scanned

> date and time of the check

> all the matches found in your text, as well as the original sources where matches have been detected.

You can either click on source links or right on highlighted parts of text to see the original source.

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