Why check text for plagiarism

Is it neccessary to check text for plagiarism?

The answer is obvious. Even those who think that there is no need to use a text plagiarism checker still do check for plagiarism in this way or another. Even if copy+paste a few sententces and search for exact matches in Google or other search engine — it is still checking for duplicate content. However, the latter takes a lot of time, especially if you take into account that Google allows to search only for a few sentences at the same time. Imagine how much time you would spend trying to check a 5000-word text.

This way it becomes clear that using a plagiarism text checker is inevitable and much more convenient. Let us review all the advantages of such systems.

Reason 1. Speed

As proved before a plagiarism checker saves a great lot of time. There are dozens of plagiarism search systems on the Internet, and they differ notably in the way they work, including an average speed of plagiarism check. We have analyzed a few of them, and can surely say that ContentRescue is the best combination of speed and quality as our system takes less than 1 minute to check text of any size.

Reason 2. Scope

Even Google is not able to search everywhere. There are huge databases of journal articles and other content that is closed for indexation. However, some plagiarism checkers have agreements with the owners of such databases, so when you check for plagiarism via such a system you are sure to compare your text not only with online resources, but with closed text arrays as well.

Reason 3. Plagiarism check depth

Old-fashioned methods do not allow you to choose the quality of plagiarism check. But with our checker you can choose how deep a search should be. Standard and Premium qualities have been developed to meet specific needs of every client.

Reason 4. Plagiarism report

Nothing is better than plagiarism report when it comes to analyzing and understanding the amount of scraped parts of text in your content. With ContentRescue you will be able to see the exact percentage of duplicates plus review all the original sources that support the results.

What are the optimal parameters for word plagiarism checker?

First of, there is no point in using free plagiarism checker. We do not want to disappoint you, but our technical team has analyzed each and every freeware that checks for plagiarism. The conclusion is: even Google search will have more effect.

We came up with a list of optimal parameters for you to know what plagiarism checker to choose:

  • Fast speed of plagiarism check
  • Plagiarism check quality variations
  • Discount system
  • Free trial
  • Flexible pricing
  • Plagiarism report feature
  • Exact percentage of plagiarism
  • Money back guarantee

All the parameters above are successfully used by ContentRescue customers. Become our client now and you will: a) save tons of your precious time; b) forget about the problem with plagiarism in your content!